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Court Ordered Domestic Violence Counseling

Perpetrator Only

Enrollment and Program Details

To enroll in the Domestic violence counseling program, consumers must complete the following services:

  • Assessments: Violence and Spirituality, Mental Health and Substance Abuse assessment, completed by qualified staff and supervised by a licensed clinician.  
  • Complete drug screening during assessment visit
  • The assessor will complete report of the assessment summary and program hour recommendations.


Program Costs

The out of pocket cost for the initial assessment and report is $150.00.  Additionally, participant's program fees will be calculated based on the following: 

  • Standard Rate:  $15 per assigned program hour (group and individual sessions)
  • Discount Rate: $10 per assigned program hour (group and individual sessions) 

Discounted rate is available to consumers who are not employed or meet the sliding scale guidelines.  To receive the discounted rates, participants must show proof of income.  



Based upon the availability of funding and eligibility requirements, some participants may qualify for grants/scholarship funding to cover a portion of the cost of his/her program.  Eligibility for grant/scholarship funding is determined by each individual’s circumstances.  There is no promise or guarantee that every consumer will be eligible to receive grant/scholarship funding; or that funding will be available to every consumer who applies.   Applications for the grants/scholarships will be reviewed following the completion of the assessment and treatment plan. 


General Program Structure

  • Minimum of 90 program hours
  • Must include a minimum of 4 hours of individual counseling
  • Minimum of 80 hours of group counseling/group education
  • Must participate in the program for at least 6 months


Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence and Anger Management Certificates

  • Enrollments in multiple programs may be simultaneous.  The hour requirements and costs for each certificate are calculated individually. 
  • Consumers who are required to complete substance abuse treatment, domestic violence and anger management will be required to meet the program requirements for each certificate individually.   Hours completed will only be counted for one completion certificate.  

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