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Bring Recovery Within Reach

Give the Gift of Time.

Your gifts provides the gift of time.

  • Time to create a new way of thinking and coping. 
  • Time to get a job and get on their feet. 
  • Time to reconnect with their families. 
  • Time to rebuild and recover.   

Life in a drug addiction often means life without many of life's basic needs.

Nearly 80% of our participants are unemployed at the time of admission into the treatment/recovery program.  Most of our Life Recovery Members (LRMs) in the court-required programs don't have insurance, don't qualify for insurance and are not eligible for Medicaid.  Even with the Affordable Care Act in place, many of our LRMs are still left without a way to pay for the services that they so desperately need.   

There are many paths to recovery, and not everyone attains recovery the first time they try.  Dismas House of Kansas City pledges to walk the journey of recovery with our program participants for a lifetime, no matter how many times it takes.   When you partner with us, you enable us to bring clinical treatment, faith-based services and peer support within reach for those who need it.  

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