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Mission & History

Our mission is to assist men and women in the change process needed to live lawfully in society free from substance abuse. 

Our History

Since 1972, Dismas House of Kansas City has been a champion for men and women who find themselves in a process of rebuilding and re-establishing their lives, most commonly from incarceration, homelessness or substance use disorders.   We have a faith-based approach with guides our modalities, policies and the culture of our organization.  


Contract Experience

From 1972-2002, Dismas House of Kansas City operated up to 3 residential facilities simultaneously funded by a variety of federal and state contracts. 

  • –United States Justice Department *
  • –United States Bureau of Prisons *
  • –United States Department of Health and Human Services 
  • •Community Relations Services *
  • •United States Immigration & Naturalization Services *
  • –Missouri Department of Corrections*
  • –Missouri Department of Mental Health
  • –Jackson County – COMBAT

*Designates residential programs.

Previous Residential Facility Locations:

  • 3000 Campbell (first facility)
  • 3124 Forest
  • 3126 Forest
  • 3110 Flora

Outpatient Locations: 

  • 207 West Linwood
  • Gilham & Armour
  • 3100 Main Street 
  • 1 West Armour 
  • 2300 Main Street, 9th Floor (present location) 
  • 8800 Blue Ridge Blvd, Suite 200 (present location)


From 2003 to present, Dismas House has maintained its unique approach to its mission on an outpatient basis. (See programs and services)

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