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Assessments & Evaluations:

Dismas House of KC is certified for Intensive Outpatient and Supported Recovery by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. 

To enroll in the Substance Abuse treatment program or to receive a professional evaluation to determine if a level of treatment is recommended, consumers must complete the following services:

  • Assessments: Addictions Severity Index (ASI), Mental Health Screening and Cage-Aid
  • A drug screening (UA/swab) is only required if the consumer is being evaluated to determine if treatment is needed. (Evaluation)
  • The assessor will prepare a summary report of the problem areas reported during the assessment interview.  The assessor will provide a level recommendation for the consumer’s treatment program. (Evaluation)


Treatment Program Levels

Intensive Outpatient: Level 2 (minimum of 90 hours)

  • The intensive outpatient level of care is recommended for individuals whose addiction severity suggests high need in one or more of the domains assessed, and/or the consumer has used/abused a substance within the 30 days prior to assessment.  
  • Requires 10 hours each week of services, including: group, individual, or recovery support services.  The Department of Mental Health will allow providers to consider a consumer’s extenuating circumstances to determine if the consumer will be allowed to be in compliance with Level 2 when attending fewer than 10 hours each week.  Extenuating circumstances must be clearly documented in the consumer’s file and treatment plan. 
  • Minimum of 6 weeks in the intensive outpatient level of care is required before the LRM can be reassessed to determine the new level of care.
  • Plan of care must include 1 individual session each week.


Supported Recovery: Level 4 (minimum of 50 hours)

  • The supported recovery level of care is the least intensive level of care. 
  • This level of care is recommended for individuals who indicate a risk and need for intervention services, but appear to require less intensive care. 
  • Minimum of 10 weeks in the program from the start date. 


Program Phases:

Orientation Phase:  (First 4 weeks in the program.  Consumers may not complete this phase any sooner than 4 weeks from the program start date.[1])Minimum hours: 21

  • 3 group sessions each week (Direct Connect + 2 additional groups each week)
  • First individual session with a QSAP or Diagnostician to develop the treatment plan.[2]
  • Drug screening completed within the first 4 weeks in the program. If drug screening results are positive, the LRM will be recommended for the Level 2 intensive level of care.
  • Provide proof of paying the program enrollment fee. 

Phase 2:  (Participants must complete all of the requirements of the orientation phase before moving to Phase 2.)

  • Phase 2 is the intermediate step of the program. 
  • Minimum of 2 groups each week
  • Minimum of 1 individual session each month

Phase 3: Completion Phase

  • Consumers are eligible for this phase after completing the program requirements for the assigned level of care.  Total number of hours required for court ordered treatment completion certificate may very by consumer.  (*minimum of 90 hours for level 2 and minimum of 50 hours for level 5) *(See Moving Levels section below for more information on the total number of hours matrix)
  • Must complete a graduation application with counselor/coach to review and verify attendance, review/confirm hours requirements, reporting requirements, referral contacts and final drug screening.The drug screening must be completed at the time of the graduation application.  


Graduation Applications

  • Graduation applications are due to the Administrative Office by Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. in order to be processed for Winner’s Circle sessions during the same week.   Applications received after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays will be processed for the following week’s Winner’s Circle session. 
  • Counselor/Coach must attach a copy of the LRM’s individual sign-in sheet with graduation application.  If the hours listed on the graduation application/individual sign-in sheet, the graduation application will be denied and returned to the assigned Counselor/Coach. 
  • Hours Audit:  If there is a discrepancy between the hours on the MAT tracking, the Counselor/Coach is responsible for conducting an hours audit.  This includes retrieving the group log records from the billing office and verifying the attendance at each of the sessions listed on the graduation application.
  • Graduation applications must be approved by the Administrative Office before an LRM can be approved for the Winner’s Circle. The administrative review will verify the hours on the graduation application and confirm the drug screening results have been entered.

Winner's Circle

To receive a completion certificate, participants must attend two sessions of the Winner’s Circle. LRMs may not attend any another group in lieu of the Winner’s Circle. Completion certificates are provided on the 2nd Winner’s Circle session.

Copies of the signed completion certificate will be:

  •  Mailed to the referral source
  •  Scanned into the e-file folder
  •  Maintained in the paper file


Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence and Anger Management Certificates:

  • Consumers who are required to complete substance abuse treatment, domestic violence and anger management will be required to meet the program requirements for each certificate individually.   Hours completed will only be counted for one completion certificate.  
  • Enrollments in multiple programs may be simultaneous.  The hour requirements and costs for each certificate are calculated individually. 
  • The Program Start date is the Monday following the LRM’s attendance in Orientation.  Orientation is always held on Tuesdays. 


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