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Rebuilding Lives and Families Takes Time...

Overcoming setbacks from an addiction, separation from family, incarceration or mental illness can be very difficult.  Once a person enters recovery, the time it takes to be fully self-sufficient varies by the individual and their circumstances.  Over 90% of our clients’ incomes being at or below the federal poverty guidelines,  most of our life recovery members are not able to pay  the full cost for the services they so desperately need. While Dismas House is a contracted provider for the Missouri Department of Mental Health and Jackson County, neither of these resources cover the complete cost of client’s treatment episode. 

Dismas House of KC makes a commitment to each program participant, also known as Life Recovery Member (LRM).  We promise that once a person signs up for services with us, they can continue to receive services as long as they us, for the rest of their lives, regardless of their ability to pay.  


Cost of Services:

The cost to treat a client in outpatient services is $1500 per client each time they enter a treatment program.  When funds are available, the average reimbursement from the state or county funds is around $900 per client.  This shortfall in reimbursement, combined with the participant's inability to pay for their services, leaves Dismas House of KC with a nearly $1 million difference between the cost to treat a consumer, and the reimbursements provided.  We refer to this difference as Uncompensated Care. 



Nearly all of our clients have had some involvement with substance abuse and/or addiction. While most of all Dismas House clients participating in our court-ordered programs are on probation or parole, 81% of Dismas House clients maintain their freedom in the community for two years or more following their treatment/recovery support program. Our most recent follow up tracking data reports that 78% of all Dismas House of KC program participants abstain from substance abuse six months following their discharge from the program.


Would you consider partnering with us to make faith-based treatment and recovery services available to more families in our community?

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